Time-Saving High-Intensity Interval Training Routines for Losing Belly Fat. 

HIIT is a fast and effective approach to burn calories, enhance metabolism, and lose fat, particularly belly fat. To decrease belly fat, try these time-saving HIIT routines:

Tabata Workout (4 minutes): 20 seconds of vigorous activity (e.g., jumping jacks, burpees) 10 seconds rest Repeat 8 times (4 minutes).

The 7-Minute Workout: Each exercise lasts 30 seconds, with a 10-second break between each. Plank, jumping jacks, wall sit, push-ups, abdominal crunches, step-ups, squats, tricep dips. Repeat the circuit twice for 7 minutes.

Pyramid HIIT (15 minutes): 30 seconds of high-intensity activity (e.g., running, mountain climbing). 30 sec rest Increase intensity by 15 seconds per round (30s, 45s, 60s) and then return to 30 seconds. Keep going for 15 minutes.

Interval Sprints (20 minutes): Sprint for 30 seconds. Walk or jog 30 seconds. 20-minute repeat. Do this on a treadmill or outside.

Bodyweight Circuit (10 minutes): Jump squats: 1 minute Push-ups: 1 minute Knees high: 1 minute One-minute plank Rest: 1 minute Two more rounds (10 minutes)

For effective HIIT, warm-up sufficiently before starting your exercise and repeat for 5 cycles (20 minutes total). Select workouts that work numerous muscles. Focus on work interval intensity. Listen to your body and adjust exercises.

Consistency is important to success. These HIIT workouts should be combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle to lose belly fat. Before starting a new exercise regimen, consult a fitness professional or doctor if you have any health issues.

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