The use of plants as a means of protection: warding off harmful influences.

Despite a lack of proof from science, many tribes have the concept that particular plants have protective properties and use them in rituals and ceremonies. 

Basil is believed to have protective properties in certain cultures. It is thought to attract good fortune and protect from evil spirits.

Throughout history, rosemary has been linked to cleansing and protection. For a more positive vibe and to purge negative energy, it's a common ceremonial item.

The sedative and soothing effects of lavender have long been associated with the belief that it can ward off evil spirits.

Particularly white sage is frequently used in smudging ceremonies to drive out bad energies. It is thought to possess cleansing and shielding properties.

A sense of peace and serenity is often linked with chamomile. There are many who think it can assist foster an encouraging and safe environment.

Bamboo represents prosperity and safety in Feng Shui. The belief is that it can bring a sense of positivity into any given area.

It should be emphasized that the supposed protective properties of these plants are based on cultural practices, traditions, and beliefs rather than hard scientific data. 

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