Skin Disorders: Infections and Rashes Caused by Excess Fat Around the Middle. (Part-1)

Abdominal obesity can cause skin issues, infections, and rashes. Fat accumulation in this area can cause skin concerns owing to friction, moisture retention, and poor blood circulation.

Intertrigo, inflammation in skin folds where skin rubs against skin, is a common skin problem. Extra abdominal fat can cause wrinkles and creases, increasing friction and moisture retention

Warm, wet skin creases can support candidiasis, a yeast infection. Fungal infections can cause redness, itching, and rashes due to excess belly fat.

Hidradenitis suppurativa is a persistent skin illness that causes painful lumps, abscesses, and tunnels under the skin in friction areas like the groin and buttocks. 

Chronic autoimmune psoriasis can be worsened by weight. Excess fat may aggravate psoriasis by causing systemic inflammation.

Acanthosis nigricans causes dark, thicker areas in skin creases. Insulin resistance is connected to abdominal obesity and metabolic syndrome.

Central obesity increases eczema risk. Obesity-related inflammation may cause or worsen eczema.

Breaks or cracks can let germs into the skin, causing cellulitis. Fat can cause skin creases that collect moisture, increasing the risk of bacterial infections.

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