Plant Health and the Function of Mycorrhizal Fungi

Nutrient Absorption: Mycorrhizal fungi stretch plant roots and improve nutrient absorption, especially phosphate and nitrogen, which plants cannot absorb alone.

Water Uptake: Mycorrhizae expand the hyphal network into the soil, helping plants absorb water during droughts.

Disease resistance: Mycorrhizal connections can function as a physical barrier or induce systemic resistance to soil-borne diseases.

Fungi promote nutrient availability and plant health, which boosts plant growth.

Mycorrhizal fungi increase nutrient uptake and plant resilience, helping them withstand environmental stress including salt and heavy metal toxicity.

Carbon Exchange: Plants give mycorrhizae sugars from photosynthesis, and fungus give plants nutrition. Both sides gain from this symbiotic trade.

Mycorrhizal relationships connect plant species and support soil biodiversity by establishing a healthy environment.

Soil Structure Improvement: Mycorrhizal fungi create stable aggregates, improve water infiltration, and reduce soil erosion.

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