(Part-2)  San Diego flash floods, Memphis freezes: Winter storms continue mayhem.

Images shared on social media platforms depicted vehicles swept away as roadways transformed into rivers due to the heavy rainfall. Rescuers and citizens of the city utilized kayaks and paddleboards to transport the stranded individuals to safety.

With 2.7 inches of rain, San Diego International Airport said it had tied for the fifth wettest day on record by evening. The San Diego River experienced a rise of over 6 feet in less than 12 hours as well, as reported by the US Geological Survey.

Much of Southern California was hit hard by the rain, with the National Weather Service predicting showers and potential rainstorms over Los Angeles County and issuing flood warnings for local roads and highways.

The water systems in Memphis were ravaged by the extreme weather in the Southeast, causing citizens to boil the tap water and put the city's water supply at risk of contamination.

The water pressure fell during a cold snap, which caused pipes in Shelby County and Memphis to burst.

Memphis Light, Gas and Water (MLGW), the city's water provider, warned people on Friday to boil water before drinking it because of the possibility that the water supply came into touch with harmful bacteria as a result of the pipe breaks.

On Tuesday and into Wednesday, parts of the Northeast, Lower Great Lakes, and the Midwest will expect freezing rain, according to the weather service. A tenth of an inch of accumulated ice makes travel dangerous.

Temperatures will be milder than last week's pattern of frigid air due to a succession of storm systems that will sweep across huge portions of the central and eastern United States.

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