(Part-2) Nikki Haley seeks Republican presidential triumph despite two setbacks.

Before New Hampshire's vote, Haley's super PAC noted that President Joe Biden, the Democrat she expects to face in the general election, had lost his first four 2020 races but won the nomination. The GOP primary is unlikely to consider the fact that Black voters in the South helped Biden win.

In a Wednesday call with reporters, SFA Inc. senior strategist Mark Harris said Haley “has a path” to the GOP nomination despite Trump's two early wins.

The GOP caucuses in Nevada are Feb. 8, but Trump has already declared victory there since Haley isn't running. South Carolina is the campaign's next “battleground” for Trump-Haley. Harris highlighted that its open primary allows Democrats who skip their party's Feb. 3 battle to back Haley on Feb. 24.

We’re going to do everything we can to encourage those conservative-leaning and Republican-leaning independents to vote in the primary,” Harris said, adding that the super PAC would run “millions of dollars” in TV ads in South Carolina over the next month, send mailers, and knock on doors.

Harris stated that the organization was confident in its resources after the New Hampshire results when asked about donor talks. “Our donors have been in this for the long haul,” Harris added. “Our strategy was to narrow the field by two by South Carolina

He found the excitement encouraging. People are excited, and I'm convinced we'll have the resources to fight.” After Wednesday night's event, Haley said she had raised $1 million since her post-primary address in New Hampshire the night before, from all 50 states, most of which were $200 or less donations.

Trump said something scary to his opponent's contributors on social media after Haley's presentation. Trump added, “Anybody that makes a ‘Contribution’ to Birdbrain, from this moment forth, will be permanently barred from the MAGA camp,” referring to Haley and his “Make America Great Again” slogan. They won't be accepted because we put America first, and always will!

North Charleston resident Sammy Penniger bonded with the candidate's underdog character while waiting for Haley. “She said last night, ‘I’m not going to give up,’” the 25-year-old claimed of Haley's post-NH primary statements. “That fighter mentality inspires me as a young person.

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