(Part-2)  In hazardous Vermont backcountry temperatures, 23 skiers, snowboarders rescued.

The cold air, which covered a significant portion of the country, came after a string of life-threatening winter storms that occurred the previous week and had resulted in the deaths of 91 people as of Sunday.

Earlier in the month, an avalanche swept down a ski resort in California that was located close to Lake Tahoe, resulting in the death of one person and the injury of three more.

As a result of the tragedy, winter recreationists all throughout the country were warned of the risks associated with snow sports. 

Skiers and snowboarders have been cautioned by professionals in the field, such as the National Ski Areas Association, to be mindful of potentially hazardous weather conditions, shifting snow conditions, machinery operating on slopes, and other recreationalists.

The national association reported that there were 46 fatalities among skiers and snowboarders in ski regions during the 2022-23 ski season in the United States. 

According to the association, the total number of fatalities for the season was somewhat higher than the norm over the past ten years for the industry, which is 42 fatalities experienced during each season.

A number of causes contributed to fatal accidents, the most important of which were speed, loss of control, and collisions with objects on slopes. 

During the season, there was also an unprecedented amount of snowfall, according to the ski regions organization, which was a contributing factor in the "unusually high number" of fatalities that occurred due to deep snow immersion.

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