(Part-2)  Flash flooding swamps automobiles across New Orleans as atmosphere reloads with Gulf moisture.

Since it was reported that Lake Conroe was at least two feet higher than it normally.

Roads were shut down and inhabitants were forced to evacuate their homes.

A significant area of the Gulf Coast and Southeast could receive an additional one to three inches of precipitation. with 

Some locations receiving as much as five inches of precipitation, as stated by the Forecast Center at the time of this writing.

The news of the rains will be very much appreciated because a substantial percentage of the regions that are anticipated to receive rainfall are the ones that are currently facing a lack of precipitation.

In Mississippi, more than ninety-five percent of the counties are experiencing conditions that are unusually dry or on the edge of drought, while in Louisiana.

 one hundred percent of the parishes are experiencing the same thing.

As a result of the rainy pattern beginning to relax throughout the course of the weekend, the  Forecast Center anticipates that there will be some days that are drier than usual after the weekend.

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