(Part-2) First statewide debate for Ohio GOP Senate candidates

Dolan claimed Moreno was trying to “reinvent himself.” Moreno indicated there were two groups. He accused Moreno of trashing records while facing Massachusetts wage theft litigation.

“Public service is about trust, making sure you’re going to follow through with what you do,” he added, accusing LaRose of initially declaring Ohio’s elections were safe but subsequently saying they had difficulties while seeking Trump’s endorsement.

Moreno pointed to Dolan and said, “If you want Liz Cheney to represent you in the United States Senate from Ohio, here's your choice, because that's his position. You repeating left-wing liberal talking lines is sad.” Wyoming Republican former House member Cheney has slammed Trump.

Dems said the debate revealed no Republican contender will “fight for anybody but themselves.”

Bernie Moreno, Frank LaRose, and Matt Dolan made it clear that they have no interest in fighting for Ohioans or the issues most important to their daily lives in between every barb and insult at tonight's debate," Ohio Democratic Party spokesperson Katie Smith stated.

LaRose wanted to distinguish himself as a middle-class candidate against two rich opponents. Dolan's family owns the Cleveland Guardians baseball club, while Moreno, a businessman who built a high-end Cleveland car dealership, has loaned millions to his campaign.

I live in the real economy, just like everyday Ohioans,” LaRose stated. “I don't think my opponents sit at the kitchen table and plan how to pay their bills like most Ohioans. I know Ohio people are suffering from Biden and Brown's terrible policies

All three candidates believe the federal government should limit abortion until 15 weeks. After that, only Dolan listed supporting exceptions. They called Ohio's Issue 1, which passed 57% in November, too severe. Dolan falsely claimed it would enable “late-term abortions,” while urging Republicans to reach a federal deal.

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