(Part-2)  Diseases of the Peripheral Arteries: The Impact of Obesity on Blood Vessels. 

Losing weight with diet and exercise reduces the effects of obesity on peripheral arteries.

Regular exercise reduces artery disease risk, improves cardiovascular health, and controls weight. It improves blood flow and vascular health.

A heart-healthy diet reduced in saturated and trans fats, cholesterol, and sodium can help control obesity and atherosclerosis.

Maintaining blood pressure by lifestyle changes and medication can prevent peripheral arterial disease consequences.

Diabetics must control blood sugar to avoid vascular disease consequences.

Quitting smoking is vital since smoking increases the risk of arterial illnesses and worsens the cardiovascular effects of obesity.

Regular medical checkups help monitor cardiovascular health, identify risk factors, and manage them.

Obese people should engage with doctors to create a weight-management and peripheral artery disease plan. Lifestyle changes like eating well and exercising help improve vascular health and reduce problems.

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