(Part-2) Day 4 of Robert Griffin III-Jay Gruden dispute remains tragic.

It is important to highlight the men's current professional status at this stage. After a stint as a backup in the NFL after leaving Washington, Griffin decided to retire and has since been mostly employed as a commentator for ESPN. In addition to hosting the podcast "RG3 And The Ones," he has experience in the role of color commentator.

Following his firing in the middle of the 2019 season, Gruden spent one season each as an offensive coordinator for the Jacksonville Jaguars and a consultant for the Los Angeles Rams.

These days, he's mostly seen on his podcast "Taking The Points Show" and in interviews with The 33rd Team.

In any case, Griffin revived the dispute by referencing an event from Griffin's show that included the coach in the past. After quarterback Griffin discreetly insulted his teammates in a press conference that Griffin claimed Gruden coerced him into attending, Griffin proceeded to publicly shame him the next day.

After going even farther in his criticism of Griffin's career after leaving Washington, Gruden decided to remove the tweet. Capturing the screen is still helpful.

I can't think of anything that could be said to improve these people' reputation. Their reputations were at an all-time low when they left Washington, and now, eight years later, they are, for some reason, pulling it all back up. The cause, in fact, is clear to us.

While their antagonism is evident, it is also a product of media ambition in today's world, when attracting an audience is more important than prevailing in a debate. Even in a previous tweet regarding Deion Sanders, Gruden had poked Griffin.

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