(Part-2)  "Carb Conscious: Smart Choices for Sustained Energy" 

Include nuts and seeds in your diet, such as almonds, chia seeds, and flaxseeds. These nutritious snacks provide a balanced supply of energy thanks to their healthy fats, protein, and carbs.

Yogurt from Greece: Greek yogurt has milk sugar, which is a carbohydrate, and protein. Balance your snacking with basic, unsweetened varieties for sustained energy.

For a breakfast that's rich in fiber and complex carbs, try some rolled oats. Oatmeal and overnight oats are two ways to prepare them for a steady supply of energy.

A complete grain, brown rice provides energy slowly but steadily. It is a flexible choice that may be incorporated into a variety of meals to promote long-term energy.

If you're looking for a crunchy snack that's low in carbs but yet tasty, try air-popped popcorn. It's made from whole grains and has fiber.

Aim for a balance of complex carbs, fiber, and other necessary nutrients while making carb-conscious choices. 

This method can aid with glucose regulation, provide energy for longer periods of time, and improve dietary health in general. 

When making a menu plan, keep in mind that everyone has different dietary restrictions and preferred serving sizes.

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