(PArt-2) Brock Purdy and Jared Goff: Extreme quarterbacks

It wasn't a direct line from Goff being the first overall pick in 2016 to winning the NFC title in 2023. It was more like to plunging into and then bursting out of a deep ravine. 

Even though he guided the Rams to a Super Bowl in his third season, head coach Sean McVay lost interest in him two years later and traded him for Matthew Stafford in the 2021 transaction. Nevertheless, Goff has flourished once more into a top-tier quarterback in the NFL thanks to the guidance of head coach Dan Campbell and offensive coordinator Ben Johnson.

Even though he likely ought to have, Purdy failed to garner much interest from Iowa State in 2022, six years following Goff's selection. He laid the solid groundwork for a successful quarterback career by starting every game all four years and missing only one game owing to injuries. He went undrafted all the way up to the 262nd round of the seven-round draft.

Kenny Pickett of Pittsburgh, Desmond Ridder of Atlanta, Bailey Zappe of New England, and Sam Howell of Washington were among the eight quarterbacks chosen before Purdy, and several of them went on to start for their respective teams. However, none of them have achieved anything near his degree of success.

The fact that Purdy has achieved more than anybody could have imagined is evidence of how unpredictable NFL scouting and NFL draft prediction can be. Of course, we can look back with a clearer view now, but Purdy personifies why draft ratings shouldn't be lower than B-minus. Who knows? The oddball from today might end up making the Pro Bowl tomorrow.

I don't want to imply that these media groups are infallible when it comes to the selection process, but ESPN ranked San Francisco's quarterback, Josh Purdy, as the third best in the league in 2022. How he grows up will determine what happens after that. (Spoiler alert: He really came out on top.)

"Although his lack of remarkable arm strength causes him to check down more frequently than he ought to, Purdy also manages to avoid negative plays by utilizing his decent athleticism and rapid release to evade sacks and turnovers," the Niners Nation fan site said, offering a somewhat more lenient grade of B+ to the selection.

There is far more pressure on the No. 1 choice than what Mr. Irrelevant is experiencing. Your origins are irrelevant once the season begins and, more importantly, when you make it to the playoffs. Wherever you can take your team next is what really matters.

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