(Part-2) Biden will skip the NH primary. His opponent calls him Bigfoot-elusive.

We’ll show them that it’s not just the polls, it’s voters saying, ‘It’s time to move on,’” Phillips suggested he may upset New Hampshire. He says Biden “a good man” who will lose to Trump if he stays. Peter Leishman, a 66-year-old Peterborough railroad agent, hosted him that night. He backed Biden in 1988, 2008, and his triumph against Trump.

Phillips' near-uniform vote record backing the president's legislative agenda is all the White House and Biden's reelection campaign say. Ray Buckley, New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair, originally cautioned that a big Democratic competitor may disgrace Biden, but now feels his write-in campaign should win. He claimed abortion is voted on, not party delegate rules. Buckley remarked, “It doesn't seem to be having any impact at all.

Self-help author Williamson, another 2020 candidate, told an audience in Portsmouth, “Even if the Democratic Party can take delegates away from me or any other candidate, they can’t take the significance of the New Hampshire primary away from you.” According to AdImpact, Phillips has spent over $2.5 million on New Hampshire TV and internet commercials. 

The Biden write-in campaign has one paid staffer and no reelection campaign assistance. It uses volunteers and an AFL-CIO-lent office to spread the word by visiting Democratic gatherings across the state, holding house parties, and making thousands of yard signs and hand-held placards for supporters to hang at every polling location on Tuesday.

Granite for America, a super PAC, is also mailing New Hampshire Democrats three-step instructions on how to write-in vote and touting Biden's promises to defend Social Security and abortion rights and prevent Trump from becoming president.

The cost of such endeavor is unclear, but it appears to be significant. One Democratic voter received five super PAC mailers in two days this week, and former New Hampshire Democratic Party chair Kathy Sullivan claimed she received a call from a lady stating, “I’ve had seven mailings and I’m going to vote for him. You can cease sending

I’m very happy with what we’ve done and I hope it works, but this being New Hampshire, we never know until the election,” she laughed. What is a Biden win? “I don’t have a number or percentage in mind.” Dover Democrat Ellen Lavoie Cooke, 65, wants to write in Biden's name: “I'm not embarrassed to be an American like I was when his predecessor was in office.

Plymouth-based 24-year-old engineering consultant Desmond Kager, a Democrat who opposes Trump, said of Biden: “I probably won’t be voting for him because of the write-in.” “If Republicans or Democrats can put someone on the ticket that is worth voting for, then I will vote for them,” he stated. “But the last couple elections have been hard.”

Write-in organizers note that undeclared New Hampshire voters can vote in any party's primary to set expectations. That means Biden supporters may vote in the Republican primary, where Trump and former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley are fighting for state GOP delegates. Tracy Moloney, 63, a Dartmouth College math department administrator, attended Phillips' presentation with Yang and wants to vote for him, but she'll vote for Biden in November if he's nominated.

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