(Part-2)  250 million Americans will experience above-average temperatures by Wednesday following weeks of fierce cold.

However, during the course of the past week, temperatures in these regions have reached highs in the teens, which may not appear to be a significant change. 

At the end of the weekend, temperatures were either at or below zero in Billings, Montana, Minot, North Dakota, and Minneapolis with temperatures.

 It is anticipated that the high temperature in Minneapolis will dip into the lower 30s on Tuesday, and then it will rise into the mid-30s on Wednesday and Thursday. The prediction is for a high temperature in the lower 40s by Wednesday, which will feel absolutely invigorating in Kansas City, which experienced a low temperature of three degrees at the conclusion of the weekend. 

The mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions are expected to have a gradual rise in temperature, with afternoon highs reaching the mid-40s and 50s by Wednesday and Thursday. This coming Friday, temperatures in Philadelphia and Washington might potentially reach the 60s.

Temperatures that are more typical of springtime will be experienced in various locations throughout the South. Because of the mild temperatures that prevailed overnight, the mid-Atlantic and Southeast regions are expected to have record-warm low temperatures on Thursday and Friday mornings.

During this week, snowbirds who are spending the winter in Florida will experience temperatures that are typical of January, which will cause their friends and family in the north to feel competitive. 

The highest temperature that Jacksonville, Florida had on Sunday was merely 44 degrees. The temperature in the Bold City of South could reach 80 degrees by Friday.

Beginning in the afternoon on Tuesday, temperatures in Houston and New Orleans are expected to reach the mid 60s and lower 70s. These high temperatures are expected to remain over the remainder of the week.

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