Wall Street analysts recommend 2 stock-split AI stocks to buy before they rise 50% and 80%.

Though the stock splits are old news, Tesla and The Trade Desk have produced shareholder value and winners keep winning. Indeed, numerous Wall Street analysts see promise in both stocks.Morgan Stanley's Adam Jonas predicts an 80% increase in Tesla shares to $380 in 12 months. On The Trade Desk, Needham's Laura Martin has a 12-month price objective of $100, a 50% upside. While valuable for research, investors should never rely on short-term price targets.

1. Tesla The third quarter proved rough for Tesla. High borrowing rates, price cuts, and early Cybertruck production expenditures reduced revenue. Third-quarter sales grew 9% to $23 billion, while GAAP net income decreased 44% to $1.9 billion. However, such obstacles are temporary and the investing assumption remains.

Tesla leads battery electric car sales with 19.2% market share through November. CEO Elon Musk said the company had the highest operating margin among volume carmakers last year owing to better production technology, despite a 10 percentage point drop in the third quarter. As its AI software and services division expands, Tesla may reclaim that position.

The company plans to monetize full self-driving (FSD) software through subscription sales, licensing to other manufacturers, and robotaxi or autonomous ride-hailing services. Tesla's EV market presence and data advantage give them an edge in both.

With millions of autopilot-enabled cars, Tesla leads in autonomous driving data for machine learning model training. Tesla should be autonomous before competitors with that edge. Tesla might make 70% or more if FSD software and robotaxi services proliferate, says Musk.

EV sales are predicted to reach $1.7 trillion and the autonomous vehicle sector $215 billion by 2030, rising 15% and 22%, respectively. Tesla might see 20%+ yearly sales growth over the next decade. For eight years, Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas anticipates 25% annual sales growth. 

Its 7.9 times sales value is reasonable given the three-year average of 14.8 times revenue.

Patient investors who think Tesla might transform transportation should buy a small stake now and hold it for five years. Next year may be unprofitable for shareholders.

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