(Part-1) The position of Eagles coach Nick Sirianni is secure... yet for what duration?

Eagles owner Jeff Lurie announced Andy Reid's future at a NovaCare Complex news conference 12 years ago this month.

In 2011, Reid's 13th season here, the Eagles started 4-8 until four inconsequential wins ended the season at 8-8.

Lurie used adjectives like “ludicrous,” “unfathomable,” and “unacceptable” to characterize the season, and everyone thought he was firing Big Red.

"Just unfathomable that we had the record," Lurie added. “The consistent fourth-quarter losses were bitter for me.” Lurie might have said the same after this season. Reid was here longer than Nick Sirianni, but the similarities are unmistakable:

Lurie kept a head coach in both circumstances despite significant reasons not to. Lurie made it apparent in January 2012 that Reid was out if the Eagles didn't comeback. He left after a 4-12 2012 season.

Slowly, Eagles decreased. Before giving Big Red his notice, they had gone three years without a postseason win and eight years since the Super Bowl.

This time, the collapse was faster and more dramatic. But both times, the head coach seemed clueless. As successful as Reid was here from 2000 to 2010 and in Kansas City subsequently, by 2011 the enchantment had worn off and the franchise needed new blood and a new vision.

Sirianni lost the magic overnight. After the Bills game, before the 49ers. After their sixth humiliating defeat in seven weeks in Tampa, the Eagles felt like a club that needed new blood and a new vision.

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