New York, Washington, and other Northeast cities prepare for another snowstorm this week. (Part-1)

In the Big Apple - It appears that New York City, Washington, and Philadelphia may not have to wait much longer for their next round of disruptive winter weather.

On Tuesday, the streak of nearly two years without any accumulating snow was broken along the Interstate 95 corridor.

The reason behind this is because as we near the end of the workweek, a severe winter storm is expected to sweep over the nation, dumping freezing rain on the Pacific Northwest. 

Millions of people along the East Coast, from the mid-Atlantic to the Northeast and New England, will be affected by this storm.

An inch to five inches of snow is on the forecast, according to the FOX Forecast Center, so it won't be a record-breaking storm, but it will still cause travel delays.

On Thursday, the system is predicted to cut across the Midwest and the Great Lakes region. The snowiest part of the day will hit in the late afternoon and early evening after an initial dusting in the morning.

The potential for multiple inches of snowfall has been reported for places such as Chicago, Indianapolis, Detroit, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh. South of the state line in Kentucky, in the mountains of West Virginia and Tennessee, snow will also accumulate.

Cities along the eastern Great Lakes, including Buffalo, New York, are still digging out from feet of lake-effect snow, and the area is getting ready for another foot or two.

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