Negativity is repelled through the use of symbolic plants in a variety of cultures.

Plants are connected with good luck, protection, and warding off evil in many cultures. Here are several protecting symbolic plants from different cultures:

Mediterranean cultures, especially Southern Europe, consider Rue a potent protective herb. It supposedly wards off evil and brings luck. People hang dried Rue over entrances or wear it as a protection amulet.

Many Native American tribes smudge with sage to purify and fight off evil energy. Sage smoke purifies the air and boosts positivity.

Basil (Tulsi) is revered in Hinduism and planted near dwellings for protection and luck. It is related with Tulsi and purifies and repels negative energies.

Juniper branches or berries have been employed in Native American and European cultures to purify and ward against evil. For their purifying powers, they are burned or placed at home.

Mugwort has long been utilized for divination and protection in Asian and European folklore. It wards off evil spirits and harmful energies. It's strung around the house or placed under a pillow for sleep protection in some cultures.

Middle Eastern and Christian religions employ frankincense for spiritual and defensive purposes. In religious rites, it is burned as incense to purify.

These symbolic plants show how different cultures use nature to protect themselves from negativity. The beliefs and rituals linked with these plants may vary by area and community.

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