Lower Water Needed Plants: Stunning, Robust Shrubs for Dry Climates.(Part-1)

A attractive garden in dry conditions requires water-efficient plants. Desert-adapted plants may survive with little water. Some appealing, water-efficient options:

The fragrant herb thrives in arid areas. Once grown, lavender is drought-tolerant and pollinator-friendly.

Succulent sedums store water in their leaves. Their cultivars, including 'Autumn Joy,' are great for rock gardens and pots.

Agave succulents form stunning rosettes. They need little water and thrive in desert climates. Agave types vary in size and color.

Hardy yuccas resist drought. Spiky, architectural forms make them ideal for xeriscaping and desert landscaping.

Oleander is a hardy plant with long-lasting blossoms. It thrives in hot, arid regions but is hazardous, so plant carefully.

California poppies are drought-tolerant and colorful. They like full light and well-drained soil.

A woody perennial with lavender-blue blooms and silvery-gray foliage, Russian sage is aromatic. It attracts bees and butterflies and tolerates dryness.

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