In 2022, Colorado congressional candidate Mike Lynch was arrested for DUI.

Denver — Colorado state Rep. Mike Lynch, who is running for Congress, was arrested in 2022 for drunken driving and weapons possession. The Denver Post revealed the incident Wednesday.

Republican minority leader in the Colorado House Lynch is competing for the closely fought U.S. House seat vacated by Republican Rep. Ken Buck. After switching congressional districts last month, far-right Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert is another primary candidate.

Lynch pled guilty to driving while ability impaired and received 18 months of probation, supervised sobriety, a handgun safety training, and a weapons ban. Lynch finished the firearms training and is undergoing community service after the sentence was postponed.

“I just made a mistake, and you don’t learn from success, you learn from failure,” Lynch told The Associated Press on Wednesday. “I’m sober today and will stay that way. I own it, and thank God nobody was hurt.”

For electoral outcomes, Lynch added, “I believe that people understand that nobody’s perfect.”

According to a Colorado State Patrol report acquired by The Denver Post, Trooper Matthew King stopped the candidate on an interstate north of Fort Collins, Colorado, on Sept. 30, 2022, after smelling alcohol.

The report says Lynch told King he supported law enforcement and asked the trooper to call Colorado State Patrol's legislative liaison at the Capitol. After King replied he didn't know who that was, Lynch reconsidered.

Lynch claimed he didn't want to use his standing to avoid consequences, but wanted to warn his coworkers. His blood alcohol concentration was nearly double the state's 0.08% limit, said The Denver Post.

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