Have you ever been accused of being overly dependent on your partner? What You Need to Know to Determine Whether They Are Right or Wrong

Loving and ‘needing’ a mate are different. You may mistake the two for the same, which may lead to poisonous relationships. Love allows people to develop and become better versions of themselves, not to change for their spouse.

When you ‘need’ someone to be with you, encourage you, or love you, it's because you're emotionally reliant on them, not because you love them. Thus, if your partner claims you're excessively clingy, watch out for these behaviors.

In a relationship, you're excessively clingy if you constantly check on your spouse. You're usually stressed and anxious without your lover, so you phone or text them often. Reconsider your behavior before your partner notices.

Insecure and continually turning to your lover for approval? Is their viewpoint more important than yours? My dear friend, you're in trouble. Discussing your issues with your spouse and finding solutions together is fine, but relying on their perspective makes you look needy.

Invading your partner's space is a symptom of neediness. People don't always want to be with their partners. Some find comfort in privacy. If you're always making excuses and pleading to be with your partner, you're needy.

As long as you try to solve your difficulties alone, emotionally leaning on your partner is OK. If you put your emotional weight on your spouse and expect them to solve it, you're on the wrong route.

Everyone has life goals. However, if you prioritize your partner's aim over yours and sacrifice your plans for them, you're being overly needy.

Social media use might also indicate neediness. Stalking your partner's page, like their posts, and commenting on them might be bothersome and label you as clingy. Give them some room and let them do their thing.

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