Adding ancient grains for a variety of nutrients

Quinoa Salad: Adding cooked quinoa to bright veggies, herbs, and a light vinaigrette makes a healthy salad that is full of protein and good for you.

Stir-Fry with Farro: Adding farro to a vegetable stir-fry will give it a chewy, rich texture and give the dish a source of fiber, protein, and important minerals.

As a creamy cereal, you can cook amaranth with milk or a plant-based milk replacement. For a healthy and delicious breakfast, you can add honey or fruit.

Millet Pilaf: Steam millet with savory spices, vegetables, and broth to make a tasty pilaf. This is a gluten-free side dish that tastes great.

To make freekeh tabouleh, you can use nutty and spicy freekeh instead of bulgur. This will give the salad a new taste and more health benefits.

Spelt Pizza Crust: For a healthier take on a classic treat, use spelt flour to make a crispy pizza crust that's full of your favorite veggies and lean proteins.

Adding cooked sorghum to a range of roasted veggies, greens, and a delicious dressing makes a Buddha bowl that is both well-balanced and filling.

Breakfast Bowl with Khorasan Wheat: For a tasty and healthy start to the day, make a breakfast bowl with cooked Khorasan wheat, yogurt, fresh fruit, nuts, and a drop of honey.

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