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There are a number of ways to start locs, and there are different type of locs. Many people call them dreads. Most dreads start with a comb twist or coil. Parting of the hair is very important when starting your locs. It's always good to be started by a Loctician. There is also a technique which require a tool. The loc can be started very small with this technique, but does not have to be small. Locs with a tool is more secure and is extremely hard to take out once installed aka Sister Locs. Locs can be styled in updos, twists, and braid styles. You can also color your locs, curl your locs, ect! Just about any thing you can do with hair that's not locked, you can do with locs! Then there are extensions. Call me for more information on the extension technique.

Our mission

Our endeavor is to offer the very best hair care, the very best products, and the very best service we're honored to share.

Our vision

To satisfy, to multiply, to glorify, and to edify our clients.

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